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5. Making Room for Fedora

Fedora requires a volume of unallocated storage space for installation. To make room for Fedora, both the existing filesystem and the partition it resides on must be resized.

Be cautious when resizing!

Resizing partitions and filesystems is always a potentially destructive endeavor. While the methods described in this section are consistently reliable when properly executed, you should always be prepared for problems.
Before installing a new operating system on your computer, make sure you have current backups of any crucial data.
The advanced methods described in this section offer a greater degree of flexibility and control, but are more difficult to implement. You should resize partitions using the original operating system's native utilities, or using the Fedora installer, unless you are confident that you understand the advanced methods.

5.1. Using the Fedora Installer to resize partitions

The Fedora installer provides a guided graphical method for resizing partitions and reclaiming space. This method is simpler and easier than the others discussed in this section. For most simple dual boot situations, using the installer to reclaim space will be the most expedient and foolproof method.
Resizing partitions with the Fedora installer is covered in the Fedora Installation Guide