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4.5.3. Shell Auto-Completion

It is possible to use shell auto-completion with the getsebool, setsebool, and semanage utilities. Use the auto-completion with getsebool and setsebool to complete both command-line parameters and Booleans. To list only the command-line parameters, add the hyphen character ("-") after the command name and hit the Tab key:
~]# setsebool -[Tab]
To complete a Boolean, start writing the Boolean name and then hit Tab:
~]$ getsebool samba_[Tab]
samba_create_home_dirs   samba_export_all_ro      samba_run_unconfined     
samba_domain_controller  samba_export_all_rw      samba_share_fusefs       
samba_enable_home_dirs   samba_portmapper         samba_share_nfs
~]# setsebool -P virt_use_[Tab]
virt_use_comm     virt_use_nfs      virt_use_sanlock  
virt_use_execmem  virt_use_rawip    virt_use_usb      
virt_use_fusefs   virt_use_samba    virt_use_xserver
The semanage utility is used with several command-line arguments that are completed one by one. The first argument of a semanage command is an option, which specifies what part of SELinux policy is managed:
~]# semanage [Tab]
boolean     export      import      login       node        port
dontaudit   fcontext    interface   module      permissive  user
Then, one or more command-line parameters follow:
~]# semanage fcontext -[Tab]
-a           -D           --equal      --help       -m           -o
--add        --delete     -f           -l           --modify     -S
-C           --deleteall  --ftype      --list       -n           -t
-d           -e           -h           --locallist  --noheading  --type
Finally, complete the name of a particular SELinux entry, such as a Boolean, SELinux user, domain, or another. Start typing the entry and hit Tab:
~]# semanage fcontext -a -t samba<tab>
samba_etc_t                     samba_secrets_t
sambagui_exec_t                 samba_share_t
samba_initrc_exec_t             samba_unconfined_script_exec_t
samba_log_t                     samba_unit_file_t
Command-line parameters can be chained in a command:
~]# semanage port -a -t http_port_t -p tcp 81