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3. Changes in Fedora for Desktop Users

3.1. Desktop

3.1.1. PulseAudio flat volumes disabled

In the Fedora 24 release, PulseAudio's standard flat volume configuration has been disabled. This disablement means the system volume no longer scales with the loudest application.
Previously, it was possible for an application to set its volume to 100% on launch. This could potentially cause volumes to become suddenly loud, which poses a risk to users or their speakers or other hardware. The tradeoff for disabling this feature is that users may need to manually manage their application sound volumes more often. However, this behavior is in line with many other Linux distributions. The upstream PulseAudio,, GNOME, and other communities are discussing new ways to mitigate this issue in future.

3.1.2. GNOME 3.20

Fedora 24 includes the latest version of the GNOME desktop. GNOME 3.20 is the latest version of GNOME 3, and is the result of 6 months’ hard work by the GNOME community. Version 3.20 contains some major new features, as well as many smaller improvements and bug fixes. Some of the exciting new features are:
  • Short Cut Windows: By pressing CTRL + ? or CTRL + F1 launches a graphical window of all the different GNOME Shortcuts available. Many applications have Short Cut Windows available. Some of them are: Videos, Files, Photos, and gedit.
  • Media Controls integration into the Notification area. Controls for media playback can be accessed in the notification area. This will make controlling media faster and more streamlined. This feature will work with a large range of devices and uses the MPRIS standard.
For more information about what is new in this GNOME release, please refer to the GNOME 3.20 release notes.

3.1.3. QGnomePlatform

Many users run Qt applications in Fedora Workstation. By default, the Qt applications' interface settings are not very consistent with those of the GTK applications. Fedora 24 introduces QGnomePlatform, a Qt Platform Theme that aims to take as many of the GNOME settings as possible and apply them directly to Qt applications, thus enabling the Qt applications to fit more consistently into the GNOME Desktop.
More information about QGnomePlatform can be found on the project's GitHub pages.

3.2. Productivity

3.2.1. Firefox 47.0.1

Fedora 24 provides the latest version of Mozilla Firefox, the world-famous web browser. The powerful and extensible web browser is kept up to date to provide the most secure and enjoyable web browsing experience.
Some new features of Firefox 47 are:
  • HTML5 is used for Youtube if Adobe Flash is not installed on the system
  • Fast machines have the VP9 Video Codec enabled
  • Search open tabs from another computer or smartphone via the sidebar
  • No Cache backward and forward navigation for HTTPS resources
  • Fuel: Firefox User Extension Library has been removed
For detailed information about the 47.0.1 release please visit the Firefox Release Notes.

3.2.2. QupZilla 2

QupZilla 2, a modern, lightweight and fast browser written in Qt, is now based on QtWebEngine instead of QtWebKit, bringing it up to date with modern web and security standards. Other QtWebKit browsers such as Konqueror (with the KWebKitPart) and Rekonq are still available, but their users may find QupZilla 2 with QtWebEngine to be a more modern alternative. More information about QupZilla can be found at
You can install qupzilla with the command: dnf install qupzilla

3.2.3. Evolution 3.19.91

Evolution is an email client that provides a calendar and an address book.
Evolution supports multiple protocols and file formats:
  • Exchange Web Services
  • IMAP+
  • POP
  • USENET News
  • Local Delivery
  • mbox spool file
  • mbox unix spool directory
  • Maildir-formatted mail directories
For more information please visit Evolution's upstream page at: Evolution at

3.2.4. Thunderbird 38.7.1

The Thunderbird e-mail client now includes the Lightning calendar and scheduling extension by default. Use it for to-do lists, e-mailed invitations, and more.
New in Thunderbird 38.7.1:
  • Graphite font shaping library has been disabled
For full details on changes in Thunderbird, see the project's Release Notes.

3.2.5. LibreOffice 5.1

Fedora 24 provides LibreOffice version 5.1, some of the new features are:
  • The Spell Check dialog box no longer closes after spell check has completed
  • PNG Export has been added to Calc, Writer, and Impress
  • Screen savers are inhibited for Mate, KDE, and XFCE Window managers during presenting mode in Impress
See the Release Notes for a comprehensive list of all new features in this release.

3.2.6. TeXLive 2015

TeX is a typesetting language designed to allow anybody to produce high-quality documents using a minimal amount of effort. Instead of visually formatting a document, the user enters manuscript text, intertwined with TeX commands, into a plain text file. When the user then runs TeX to produce formatted output, such as a PDF file. TeXLive is a packaged distribution of TeX software and the TeXLive 2015 release is the most recent version.
More information about TeX can be found on the TeX Users Group website.

3.3. Networking

3.3.1. NetworkManager 1.2

NetworkManager is the standard Linux network configuration tool suite. It supports a large range of networking setups, from desktop to servers and mobile and it integrates well with popular desktop environments and server configuration management tools. The 1.2 release brings many new features. It improves Wi-Fi and IPv6 privacy, needs less external dependencies, makes VPN support more flexible and adds support for many kinds software devices including IP tunnels, VxLANs and more.
For more information, please see the NetworkManager web page and this blog entry about the 1.2 release.

3.4. Internationalization

3.4.1. Font Changes

  • The google-noto-fonts package has been split into three smaller packages: google-noto-fonts, google-noto-cjk-fonts, and google-noto-emoji-fonts.
  • New font packages have been added: nodejs-ansi-font, horai-ume-fonts, google-noto-nastaliq-urdu-fonts, and google-noto-sans-tibetan-fonts

3.4.2. Other Internationalization Changes

  • The pap_AN locale has been removed.
  • zanata-python-client has been upgraded to version 1.5.0, which provides a number of major improvements. See the project changelog for detailed information.

3.5. Graphics Editors

3.5.1. darktable 2.0

Fedora 24 provides the latest major release of darktable, an open source photography workflow application and RAW developer. A virtual lighttable and darkroom for photographers, darktable manages your digital negatives in a database, lets you view them through a zoomable lighttable and enables you to develop RAW images and enhance them.
For more information, please visit the darktable website.