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5.12.6. Configure the LACP (802.3ad) Runner

To configure the LACP runner using ethtool as a link watcher, using an editor as root, add the following to the team JSON format configuration file:
   "device": "team0",
   "runner": {
       "name": "lacp",
       "active": true,
       "fast_rate": true,
       "tx_hash": ["eth", "ipv4", "ipv6"]
     "link_watch": {"name": "ethtool"},
     "ports": {"em1": {}, "em2": {}}
Configuration for connection to a link aggregation control protocol (LACP) capable counterpart. The LACP runner should use ethtool to monitor the status of a link. It does not make sense to use any other link monitoring method besides the ethtool because, for example in the case of arp_ping, the link would never come up. The reason is that the link has to be established first and only after that can packets, ARP included, go through. Using ethtool prevents this because it monitors each link layer individually.
Active load balancing is possible with this runner in the same way as it is done for the loadbalance runner. To enable active transmit (Tx) load balancing, add the following section:
"tx_balancer": {
       "name": "basic"
Please see the teamd.conf(5) man page for more information.