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4.3. Using the Command Line Interface (CLI)

A bond is created using the bonding kernel module and a special network interface called a channel bonding interface.

4.3.1. Check if Bonding Kernel Module is Installed

In Fedora, the bonding module is not loaded by default. You can load the module by issuing the following command as root:
~]# modprobe --first-time bonding
This activation will not persist across system restarts. See the Fedora 25 System Administrator's Guide for an explanation of persistent module loading. Note that given a correct configuration file using the BONDING_OPTS directive, the bonding module will be loaded as required and therefore does not need to be loaded separately.
To display information about the module, issue the following command:
~]$ modinfo bonding
See the modprobe(8) man page for more command options.