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1.2.  Launching Applications with Alt+F2

Most desktop environments follow the convention of using the key combination Alt+F2 for opening new applications. Pressing Alt+F2 brings up a prompt for a command to be entered into.
Commands entered into this dialog box function much as they would if entered in a terminal. Applications are known by their file name, and can accept arguments.
Using AltF2 with GNOME
GNOME command entry dialog box
Figure 1.1.  Using Alt+F2 with GNOME

Using AltF2 with KDE
KDE command entry dialog box, which also searches menu items, command history, and open applications.
Figure 1.2.  Using Alt+F2 with KDE

Using AltF2 with LXDE
LXDE command entry dialog box.
Figure 1.3.  Using Alt+F2 with LXDE

Using AltF2 with MATE
MATE command entry dialog box.
Figure 1.4.  Using Alt+F2 with MATE

Using AltF2 with XFCE
XFCE command entry dialog box.
Figure 1.5.  Using Alt+F2 with XFCE