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1.3.2.  Using KDE menus

The KDE menu is opened by clicking the Fedora button at the bottom left corner of the screen. The menu initially displays favorite applications, which can be added to by right clicking any menu entry. Hovering over the icons in the lower portion of the menu will display applications, file systems, recently used applications, or options for logging out of the system.
The KDE desktop menu.
The KDE menu displays applications in categories. The contents of the categories are displayed when clicked.
Figure 1.8.  The KDE desktop menu.

Search functionality is also available in the KDE menu system. To search for applications, open the menu and begin typing. The menu will display matching entries.
Searching with the KDE menu.
The KDE menu will search for matching applications if you type into the search box. For example, typing browser will display installed browsers and other matching entries.
Figure 1.9.  Searching with the KDE menu.