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A.3. Finding and Verifying RPM Packages

Before using any RPM packages, you must know where to find them and be able to verify if you can trust them.

A.3.1. Finding RPM Packages

Although there are many RPM repositories on the Internet, for security and compatibility reasons, you should consider installing only official Fedora-provided RPM packages. The following is a list of sources for RPM packages:
  • Official Fedora installation media.
  • Official RPM repositories provided with the DNF package manager. See Chapter 6, DNF for details on how to use the official Fedora package repositories.
  • Unofficial, third-party repositories not affiliated with The Fedora Project also provide RPM packages.


    When considering third-party repositories for use with your Fedora system, pay close attention to the repository's web site with regard to package compatibility before adding the repository as a package source. Alternate package repositories may offer different, incompatible versions of the same software, including packages already included in the Fedora repositories.