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15.20. Additional Resources

The following sources of information provide additional resources regarding NTP and ntpd.

15.20.1. Installed Documentation

  • ntpd(8) man page — Describes ntpd in detail, including the command line options.
  • ntp.conf(5) man page — Contains information on how to configure associations with servers and peers.
  • ntpq(8) man page — Describes the NTP query utility for monitoring and querying an NTP server.
  • ntpdc(8) man page — Describes the ntpd utility for querying and changing the state of ntpd.
  • ntp_auth(5) man page — Describes authentication options, commands, and key management for ntpd.
  • ntp_keygen(8) man page — Describes generating public and private keys for ntpd.
  • ntp_acc(5) man page — Describes access control options using the restrict command.
  • ntp_mon(5) man page — Describes monitoring options for the gathering of statistics.
  • ntp_clock(5) man page — Describes commands for configuring reference clocks.
  • ntp_misc(5) man page — Describes miscellaneous options.
  • ntp_decode(5) man page — Lists the status words, event messages and error codes used for ntpd reporting and monitoring.
  • ntpstat(8) man page — Describes a utility for reporting the synchronization state of the NTP daemon running on the local machine.
  • ntptime(8) man page — Describes a utility for reading and setting kernel time variables.
  • tickadj(8) man page — Describes a utility for reading, and optionally setting, the length of the tick.