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20.7. Understanding the /dev/oprofile/ directory

When using OProfile in legacy mode, the /dev/oprofile/ directory is used to store the file system for OProfile. On the other hand, operf does not require /dev/oprofile/. Use the cat command to display the values of the virtual files in this file system. For example, the following command displays the type of processor OProfile detected:
~]# cat /dev/oprofile/cpu_type
A directory exists in /dev/oprofile/ for each counter. For example, if there are 2 counters, the directories /dev/oprofile/0/ and /dev/oprofile/1/ exist.
Each directory for a counter contains the following files:
The values of these files can be retrieved with the cat command. For example:
~]# cat /dev/oprofile/0/count