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18.11.5. Enabling Persistent Storage

By default, Journal stores log files only in memory or a small ring-buffer in the /run/log/journal/ directory. This is sufficient to show recent log history with journalctl. This directory is volatile, log data is not saved permanently. With the default configuration, syslog reads the journal logs and stores them in the /var/log/ directory. With persistent logging enabled, journal files are stored in /var/log/journal which means they persist after reboot. Journal can then replace rsyslog for some users (but see the chapter introduction).
Enabled persistent storage has the following advantages
Persistent storage has also certain disadvantages:
To enable persistent storage for Journal, create the journal directory manually as shown in the following example. As root type:
mkdir -p /var/log/journal
Then, restart journald to apply the change:
systemctl restart systemd-journald