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14.5. Using chronyc

14.5.1. Using chronyc to Control chronyd

To make changes to the local instance of chronyd using the command line utility chronyc in interactive mode, enter the following command as root:
~]# chronyc -a
chronyc must run as root if some of the restricted commands are to be used. The -a option is for automatic authentication using the local keys when configuring chronyd on the local system. See Section 14.2.4, “Security with chronyc” for more information.
The chronyc command prompt will be displayed as follows:
You can type help to list all of the commands.
The utility can also be invoked in non-interactive command mode if called together with a command as follows:
chronyc command


Changes made using chronyc are not permanent, they will be lost after a chronyd restart. For permanent changes, modify /etc/chrony.conf.