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8.2.6. Enabling Remote Access Using VNC

The following options are necessary to configure Anaconda for remote graphical installation. See Chapter 11, Installing Using VNC for more details.
Specifies that the installation program's graphical interface should be run in a VNC session. If you specify this option, you will need to connect to the system using a VNC client application to be able to interact with the installation program. VNC sharing is enabled, so multiple clients can connect to the system at the same time.


A system installed using VNC will start in text mode by default.
VNC server used by the installation program. Any VNC client attempting to connect to the system will have to provide the correct password to gain access. For example, inst.vncpassword=testpwd will set the password to testpwd. The password must be between 6 and 8 characters long.


If you specify an invalid password (one that is too short or too long), you will be prompted to specify a new one by a message from the installation program:
VNC password must be six to eight characters long.
Please enter a new one, or leave blank for no password.

Connect to a listening VNC client at a specified host and port once the installation starts. The correct syntax is inst.vncconnect=host:port. The port parameter is optional - if you do not specify one, the installation program will use 5900.