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5.4.4. Keyboard Layout

The Keyboard Layout screen allows you to set up one or more keyboard layouts for your system and a way to switch between them. One keyboard layout is configured automatically based on your selection in Section 5.4.1, “Welcome Screen and Language Selection”, but you can change this layout and add additional ones before you begin the installation.
Keyboard layouts are a separate setting from system languages, and these two settings can be mixed as you see fit.


All settings configured in this screen will be available on the installed system, and they will also become immediately available inside the installer. You can use the keyboard icon in the top right corner of any screen, or the keyboard switch you configured in this screen, to cycle between your configured layouts.
Keyboard Layout
The keyboard layout configuration screen, showing several additional layouts configured in the left column.
Figure 5.8. Keyboard Layout

The left half of the screen contains a window listing all currently configured layouts. The order in which the layouts are displayed is important - the same order will be used when switching between layouts, and the first listed layout will be the default on your system.
The text field on the right side of the screen can be used to test the currently selected layout.
You can click a layout in the list to highlight it. At the bottom of the list, there is a set of buttons:


If you use a layout that cannot accept Latin characters, such as Russian, you are advised to also add the English (United States) layout and configure a keyboard combination to switch between the two layouts. If you only select a layout without Latin characters, you may be unable to enter a valid root password and user credentials later in the installation process. This may prevent you from completing the installation.
You can also optionally configure a keyboard switch which can be used to cycle between available layouts. To do so, click the Options button on the right side of the screen. The Layout Switching Options dialog will open, allowing you to configure one or more keys or key combinations for switching. Select one or more key combinations using the check boxes next to them, and click OK to confirm your selection.
After you finish configuring keyboard layouts and switches, click Done in the top left corner to return to Section 5.4.2, “Installation Summary”.