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Fedora supports multiple types of devices and file systems. The lists below offer a short description of each available device, file system and RAID type and notes on their usage.
To select a device type or a file system of a partition or a logical volume, select it in the list in Section 5.4.10, “Manual Partitioning” and select a Device Type and a File System from their respective drop-down menus on the right side of the screen. Then, click Update Settings and repeat this process for all mount points you want to modify.
To configure software RAID, make sure that you have enough physical hard drives selected as installation targets (the number of separate drives required for each type of RAID is noted in its description). Then, choose a RAID level when creating or modifying a Btrfs volume or LVM volume group, or select Software RAID as the device type to create software RAID with standard partitions. For detailed instructions, see Section, “Creating a Btrfs Layout”, Section, “Creating a Logical Volume Managament (LVM) Layout”, and Section, “Creating Software RAID” as needed.
Device Types
File Systems
Software RAID Types