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A.6. Installation Environment

The following commands control how the system will behave during the installation.

A.6.1. autostep (optional) - Go Through Every Screen

Normally, Kickstart installations skip unnecessary screens. This option makes the installation program step through every screen, displaying each briefly. This option should not be used when deploying a system because it may disrupt package installation.
autostep [--autoscreenshot]
Take a screenshot at every step during installation. These screenshots are stored in /tmp/anaconda-screenshots during the installation, and after the installation finishes you can find them in /root/anaconda-screenshots.
Each screen is only captured right before the installer switches to the next one. This is important, because if you do not use all required Kickstart options and the installation therefore does not begin automatically, you can go to the screens which were not automatically configured, perform any configuration you want. Then, when you press Done to continue, the screen will be captured including the configuration you just provided.