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7.4.4. Booting into a Graphical Environment

If you have installed the X Window System and a desktop environment such as GNOME, but are not seeing a graphical desktop environment once you log into your system, you can start it manually using the startx command. Note, however, that this is just a one-time fix and does not change the log in process for future log ins.
To set up your system so that you can log in at a graphical login screen, you must change the default systemd target to When you are finished, reboot the computer. You will presented with a graphical login prompt after the system restarts.
Procedure 7.4. Setting Graphical Login as Default
  1. Open a shell prompt. If you are in your user account, become root by typing the su - command.
  2. Change the default target to To do this, execute the following command:
    # systemctl set-default
Graphical login is now enabled by default - you will be presented with a graphical login prompt after the next reboot. If you want to reverse this change and keep using the text-based login prompt, execute the following command as root:
# systemctl set-default
For more information about targets in systemd, see the Fedora System Administrator's Guide, available at