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7.3. Trouble During the Installation

7.3.1. No Disks Detected

In the Installation Destination screen, the following error message may appear at the bottom: No disks detected. Please shut down the computer, connect at least one disk, and restart to complete installation.
The message indicates that Anaconda did not find any writable storage devices to install to. In that case, first make sure that your system does have at least one storage device attached.
If your system uses a hardware RAID controller, verify that the controller is properly configured and working. See your controller's documentation for instructions.
If you are installing into one or more iSCSI devices and there is no local storage present on the system, make sure that all required LUNs (Logical Unit Numbers) are being presented to the appropriate HBA (Host Bus Adapter).
If you made sure you have a connected and properly configured storage device and the message still appears after you reboot the system and start the installation again, it means that the installation program failed to detect the storage. In most cases this message appears when you attempt to install on an SCSI device which has not been recognized by the installation program.