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11.4. Considerations for Headless Systems

When installing headless systems, the only choices are an automated Kickstart installation or an interactive VNC installation using connect mode. For more information about automated Kickstart installation, see Appendix A, Kickstart Syntax Reference. The general process for an interactive VNC installation is described below.
  1. Set up a PXE server that will be used to start the installation. Information about installing and performing basic configurating of a PXE server can be found in Chapter 10, Setting Up an Installation Server.
  2. Configure the PXE server to use the boot options for a connect mode VNC installation. For information on these boot options, see Section 11.2.3, “Installing in VNC Connect Mode”.
  3. Follow the procedure for a VNC Installation using connect mode as described in the Procedure 11.2, “Starting VNC in Connect Mode”. However, when directed to boot the system, boot it from the PXE server.