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11.2.2. Installing in VNC Direct Mode

VNC Direct Mode is when the VNC viewer initiates a connection to the system being installed. Anaconda will tell you when to initiate this connection.
Procedure 11.1. Starting VNC in Direct Mode
  1. Open the VNC viewer (for example, TigerVNC) on the workstation you will be using to connect to the system being installed. A window similar to Figure 11.1, “TigerVNC Connection Details” will be displayed with an input field allowing you to specify an IP address.
    TigerVNC Connection Details
    TigerVNC after startup, showing the Connection Details dialog
    Figure 11.1. TigerVNC Connection Details

  2. Boot the installation system and wait for the boot menu to appear. In the menu, edit boot options (see Section 4.2, “The Boot Menu”) and append the inst.vnc option to the end of the command line.
    Optionally, if you want to restrict VNC access to the installation system, add the inst.vncpassword=PASSWORD boot option as well. Replace PASSWORD with the password you want to use for the installation. The VNC password must be between 6 and 8 characters long.


    Use a temporary password for the inst.vncpassword= option. It should not be a real or root password you use on any system.
    Adding VNC Boot Options
    Editing boot options to activate VNC
    Figure 11.2. Adding VNC Boot Options

  3. Start the installation using the edited options. The system will initialize the installation program and start the necessary services. When the system is ready, you will see a message on the screen similar to the following:
    13:14:47 Please manually connect your VNC viewer to to begin the install.
    Note the IP address and port number (in the above example,
  4. On the system running the VNC Viewer, enter the IP address and port number obtained in the previous step into the Connection Details dialog in the same format as it was displayed on the screen by the installer. Then, click Connect. The VNC viewer will now connect to the installation system. If you set up a VNC password, enter it when prompted and press OK.
When the connection is successfully established, a new window will open on the system running the VNC viewer, displaying the installation menu. This window will provide full remote access to the installer until the installation finishes and the system reboots for the first time.
You can then proceed with Chapter 5, Installing Using Anaconda.