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9. Fedora Desktop

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This section details changes that affect Fedora graphical desktop users.

9.1. Localized Common User Directories (xdg-user-dirs)

This release of Fedora now includes the new common user directory structure, xdg-user-dirs. Features of these new user directories include:
  • Directory names can be localized (translated)
  • Includes a set of common directories by default, such as for documents, music, pictures, and downloads.
  • Appear as common bookmarks in the file browser, and are picked up by many applications as app-specific defaults. For example, a music player would start the file opening dialog in the default music directory.
  • Configurable by users, who can move or rename the directories via the Nautilus file manager, or by editing ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs.
If you do not want default folders to be created, remove the xdg-user-dirs-gtk package and associated dependencies.