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16. Games and Entertainment

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Fedora provides a selection of games that cover a variety of genres. Users can install a small package of games for GNOME (called gnome-games) and KDE (kdegames). There are also many additional games that span every major genre available in the repositories.
The Fedora Project website features a section dedicated to games that details many of the available games, including overviews and installation instructions. For more information, refer to
For a list of other games that are available for installation, use the Pirut graphical utility (ApplicationsAdd/Remove Software), or via the command line:
yum groupinfo "Games and Entertainment"

For help using yum to install the assorted game packages, refer to the guide available at:x

16.1. Haxima

Fedora 7 includes version 0.5.6 of the Nazghul old-school role playing game engine and its companion game Haxima. This version is not compatible with saved games from previous Nazghul versions, so those with Haxima games in progress need to restart their games after updating to Fedora 7.