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7.13. Graphics

7.13.1. Handling of GIMP Plugins Contained in Other Packages

The GIMP package in Fedora includes a helper script /usr/sbin/gimp-plugin-mgr for plugins contained in other packages, for example, xsane-gimp. This script manages symlinks from the GIMP plugin directory (which may change between upgrades) to the actual location of the plugins.
A bug has been fixed in the Fedora 7 release of GIMP that was in all older GIMP packages, including all those in the test releases. The bug concerns the execution order in which the symlinks are installed and removed, causing the symlinks to vanish when the GIMP package is updated.
Although the GIMP package contained in the final release has the execution order fixed, due to the nature of the problem it will show up once more when updating from an affected version to a fixed version. To add these symlinks back in, run this command, providing the root password when prompted:
su -c "/usr/sbin/gimp-plugin-mgr --install '*'"