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20.2. SCIM Input Method Defaults

The core SCIM packages are now installed by default, but the input method only starts by default on desktops running in an Asian locale (the current list is: as, bn, gu, hi, ja, kn, ko, ml, mr, ne, or, pa, si, ta, te, th, ur, vi, zh). You can use im-chooser via SystemPreferencesPersonalInput Method to enable or disable SCIM on your desktop, or to select other installed input methods. In a non-Asian locale set Use custom input methodscim in im-chooser and restart your desktop session to activate SCIM on your desktop by default.
When SCIM is installed, it runs by default for users of all locales. If SCIM is installed but you do not wish to run it on your desktop, disable it using im-chooser.
The following table lists the default trigger hotkeys for different languages:
LanguageTrigger hotkeys
JapaneseZenkaku_Hankaku or Alt+`
KoreanShift+Space or Hangul