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17. Virtualization

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Virtualization in Fedora 7 supports both Xen and KVM virtualization platforms. The libvirt API and its corresponding tools, virt-manager and virsh, have been updated to support both KVM and Xen. Users can choose which virtualization platform to install, and use the same tools without regard to that choice.
Xen in Fedora 7 is based on version 3.1.0.
KVM in Fedora 7 is based on version 19-1.
For more information on the differences between Xen and KVM, refer to For more information on installing and using virtualization in Fedora 7, refer to

17.1. Types of Virtualization

Using Xen 3.0.4, both paravirtualization and full virtualization can be implemented. Under KVM, only full virtualization is supported. Full virtualization requires a VT-capable processor. Paravirtualization does not require special hardware, but does require the guest OS to be modified.