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18. X Window System (Graphics)

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This section contains information related to the X Window System implementation,, provided with Fedora.

18.1. X Configuration Changes

The 7.2 X server has been modified to automatically detect and configure most hardware, eliminating the need for users or administrators to modify the /etc/X11/xorg.conf configuration file. The only hardware configured by default in the xorg.conf file written by anaconda is:
  • The graphics driver
  • The keyboard map
All other hardware, such as monitors (both LCD and CRT), USB mice, and touchpads should be detected and configured automatically.
The X server queries the attached monitor for supported resolution ranges, and attempts to pick the highest resolution available with the correct aspect ratio for the display. Users can set their preferred resolution in SystemPreferencesScreen Resolution, and the default resolution for the system can be changed with SystemAdministrationDisplay.
If the /etc/X11/xorg.conf configuration file is not present, X also automatically detects the appropriate driver, and assumes a 105-key US keyboard layout.