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Chapter 11. Set the Root Password

Fedora uses a special account named root for system administration. The root account on a Linux system is not subject to most normal account restrictions. As the system owner or administrator, you may sometimes require special privileges to configure or modify the system. In those cases, use the root account.

Using the root Account

Avoid logging in to Fedora as root when possible. Any administration tools which require root privileges will prompt you for the password.
The Fedora installation program requires the root password to be at least six characters long. Because the root account may potentially control any part of the system, use the following guidelines to create a good password:
The following are examples of good passwords:
Enter the root password into the Root Password field. Fedora displays the characters as asterisks for security. Type the same password into the Confirm field to ensure it is set correctly. After you set the root password, select Next to proceed.