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A.5.2. Overriding Automatic Hardware Detection

For some models of device automatic hardware configuration may fail, or cause instability. In these cases, you may need to disable automatic configuration for that type of device, and take additional steps to manually configure the device after the installation process is complete.

Check the Release Notes

Refer to the Release Notes for information on known issues with specific devices.
To override the automatic hardware detection, use one or more of the following options:
Hardware Options
Compatibility SettingOption
Disable all hardware detectionnoprobe
Disable graphics, keyboard, and mouse detectionheadless
Disable automatic monitor detection (DDC)skipddc
Use basic VESA driver for videoxdriver=vesa
Disable mainboard APICnoapic
Disable power management (ACPI)acpi=off
Disable Direct Memory Access (DMA) for IDE, SATA, and ATAPI driveslibata.dma=0
Enable DMA only for IDE and SATA driveslibata.dma=1
Disable BIOS-assisted RAIDnodmraid
Disable Firewire device detectionnofirewire
Disable parallel port detectionnoparport
Disable PC Card (PCMCIA) device detectionnopcmcia
Disable USB storage device detectionnousbstorage
Disable all USB device detectionnousb
Force Firewire device detectionfirewire
Prompt user for ISA device configurationisa

Additional Screen

The isa option causes the system to display an additional text screen at the beginning of the installation process. Use this screen to configure the ISA devices on your computer.