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3.6. How Do I Start the Installation Program?

To start the installation program from minimal boot media, a Live image, or the distribution DVD, follow this procedure:
  1. Power off your computer system.
  2. Disconnect any external FireWire or USB disks that you do not need for installation. Refer to Section 12.1.3, “FireWire and USB Disks” for more information.
  3. Insert the media in your computer and turn it on.
You may need to hit a specific key or combination of keys to boot from the media, or configure your system's Basic Input/Output System, or BIOS, to boot from the media. On most computers you must select the boot or BIOS option promptly after turning on the computer. Most Windows-compatible computer systems use a special key such as F1, F2, F12, or Del to start the BIOS configuration menu. On Apple computers, the C key boots the system from the DVD drive.

Configuring the BIOS

If you are not sure what capabilities your computer has, or how to configure the BIOS, consult the documentation provided by the manufacturer. Detailed information on hardware specifications and configuration is beyond the scope of this document.