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3.2. Which Architecture Is My Computer?

Releases are separated by architecture, or type of computer processor. Use the following table to determine the architecture of your computer according to the type of processor. Consult your manufacturer's documentation for details on the processor if necessary.
Processor and Architecture Types
Processor Manufacturer and ModelArchitecture Type for Fedora
Intel (except Core 2 Duo, Centrino Core 2 Duo, or Xeon), AMD (except 64 or x2 dual-core), VIA C4, Apple MacBook Proi386
Intel Core 2 Duo, Centrino Core 2 Duo, and Xeon; AMD Athlon64/x2, Sempron64/x2, Duron64x86_64
Apple Macintosh G3, G4, G5, PowerBook, and other non-Intel modelsppc

i386 Works for Most Windows Compatible Computers

If you are unsure what type of processor your computer has, and you are not using a non-Intel based Apple Macintosh, choose i386.