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14.2. Support for SHA-256 and SHA-512 passwords

The glibc package in Fedora 8 had support for passwords using SHA-256 and SHA-512 hashing. Previously, only DES and MD5 were available. These tools have been extended in Fedora 9. Password hashing using the SHA-256 and SHA-512 hash functions is now supported.
To switch to SHA-256 or SHA-512 on an installed system, use authconfig --passalgo=sha256 --update or authconfig --passalgo=sha512 --update. Alternatively, use the authconfig-gtk GUI tool to configure the hashing method. Existing user accounts will not be affected until their passwords are changed.
SHA-512 is used by default on newly installed systems. Other algorithms can be configured only for kickstart installations, by using the --passalgo or --enablemd5 options for the kickstart auth command. If your installation does not use kickstart, use authconfig as described above, and then change the root user password, and passwords for other users created after installation.
New options now appear in libuser , pam , and shadow-utils to support these password hashing algorithms. Running authconfig configures all these options automatically, so it is not necessary to modify them manually.