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9. Fedora Desktop

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This section details changes that affect Fedora graphical desktop users.

9.1. GNOME

This release features GNOME 2.22.
The GNOME splash screen has been disabled upstream intentionally. To enable it, use gconf-editor or the following command:
gconftool-2 --set /apps/gnome-session/options/show_splash_screen --type bool true

The lock screen dialog theme is not connected to the selected screensaver in this release. To enable it, use gconf-editor or the following command:
gconftool-2 --set  --type string /apps/gnome-screensaver/lock_dialog_theme  "system"

Blinking cursors are enabled by default in this release, and are centrally managed via a gconf setting. To turn it off, run the following command:
gconftool-2 --type bool --set /desktop/gnome/interface/cursor_blink false

9.1.1. Gvfs

GNOME 2.22 features the new Gvfs, a userspace virtual file-system with back-ends for sftp, ftp, dav, smb, obexftp, and others. The Gvfs system is the replacement/successor of gnome-vfs.
Gvfs consists of two parts:
  • GIO, which is a new shared library that is part of GLib and provides the API for gvfs
  • Gvfs itself, a package that contains back-ends for the various file system types and protocols
The Gvfs system runs a single master daemon, gvfsd, that keeps track of the current gvfs mounts. Most mounts are run in a separate daemon process. Clients talk to the mounts with a combination of DBus calls (on the session bus and using peer-to-peer DBus) and a custom protocol for file contents.
A few file-system types previously supported by gnome-vfs may not be yet supported by gvfs. Work continues to provide completed solutions for all these types.

9.1.2. GNOME Display Manager

The GNOME Display Manager (gdm) has been updated to the latest upstream code, which is a complete rewrite driven by Fedora developers.
PolicyKit can be used to control shutdown and reboot. The configuration tool gdmsetup is currently missing, and is set to be replaced. For configuration changes, refer to the following:
New features available on the login screen include:
  • power management and monitoring on the login screen, so the laptop hibernates or shuts down when the battery gets low
  • smarter user list
  • common default background between the login window and the desktop session, with no intermediate flicker
For more information on this feature:
Other notes:
  • ~/.Xclients and ~/.xsession are no longer read automatically at login time. If you use either of these files, install the xorg-x11-xinit-session package.
  • Due to a bug introduced at the end of the development cycle (bug 445631), users will be unable to select their language the first time the login screen appears. Users should log in once, and then logout again to get language selection. Unfortunately, this bug also effects the LiveCD.
  • The shipped version of GDM does not support old style theme formats, and is considerably plainer than the version shipped in Fedora 8. A priority for Fedora 10 will be greeter aesthetics.