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14.8. Free IPA

Free IPA is a centrally managed identity, policy, and audit installation.
The IPA server installer assumes a relatively clean system, installing and configuring several services:
Some effort is made to be able to roll back the changes made but they are not guaranteed. Similarly the ipa-client-install tool overwrites PAM (/etc/pam.conf) and Kerberos (/etc/krb5.conf) configurations.
IPA does not support other instances of Fedora Directory Server on the same machine at install time, even listening on different ports. In order to install IPA, other instances must be removed. IPA itself can handle this removal.
There is currently no mechanism for migrating existing users into an IPA server.
The server self-configures to be a client of itself. If the Directory Server or KDC fail to start on bootup, boot into single-user mode in order to resolve the issue.
For more information, refer to this feature page: