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9.2. KDE

This release features KDE 4.0.3. As the kdepim and kdevelop packages are not part of KDE 4.0 and kdewebdev is only partially available (no Quanta) in KDE 4.0, the KDE 3.5.9 versions of those packages are shipped.
KDE 4.0 features upgrades to core components such as the port to Qt 4. It also introduces a number of brand new frameworks such as the Phonon, a multimedia API; Solid, a hardware integration framework; Plasma, a re-written desktop and panel with many new concepts; integrated desktop search; compositing as a feature of KWin; and a brand new visual style called Oxygen. KDE 4.0.3 is a bugfix release from the KDE 4.0 release series.
Fedora 9 does not include the legacy KDE 3 Desktop. It does include a compatibility KDE 3 Development Platform, which can be used to build and run KDE 3 applications within KDE 4 or any other desktop environment. Refer to the Backwards Compatibility section for more details about what is included.
Since networkmanager does not work with the version of NetworkManager available in this release, the KDE Live images use nm-applet from NetworkManager-gnome as a replacement. The gnome-keyring-daemon facility saves passwords for these encryption technologies. (The dummy knetworkmanager package from Fedora 8 that only called nm-applet is no longer used.)
As the native KWin window manager now optionally supports compositing and desktop effects, the KDE Live images no longer include Compiz/Beryl. The KWin compositing/effects mode is disabled by default, but can be enabled in systemsettings. Compiz (with KDE 4 integration) is available from the repository by installing the compiz-kde package.

9.2.1. Workspace Changes

  • Plasma replaces the old Kicker and KDesktop. Plasma manages both the panel and the desktop, and it is now possible to place the same Plasma applets (plasmoids) on both the panel and the desktop if the applet supports the size restrictions imposed by the panel.
  • The old KDE Control Center (KControl) has been replaced by System Settings (systemsettings).
  • The KDM login manager uses a new theme format. Therefore, KDM themes written for KDE 3 do not work with the KDM in KDE 4. KDM now includes support for theme configuration, thus the external kdmtheme tool is no longer needed.
All the above applications can be found in the kdebase-workspace package.