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8.3. Kernel Flavors

Fedora 9 includes the following kernel builds:
You may install kernel headers for all kernel flavors at the same time. The files are installed in the /usr/src/kernels/version[-PAE|-xen|-kdump]-arch/ tree. Use the following command:
su -c "yum install kernel{,-PAE,-xen,-kdump}-devel"

Select one or more of these flavors, separated by commas and no spaces, as appropriate. Enter the root password when prompted.

x86 Kernel Includes Kdump

Both the x86_64 and the i686 kernels are now relocatable, so they no longer require a separate kernel for kdump capability. PPC64 still requires a separate kdump kernel.

Default Kernel Provides SMP

There is no separate SMP kernel available for Fedora on i386, x86_64, and ppc64. Multiprocessor support is provided by the native kernel.

PowerPC Kernel Support

There is no support for Xen or kdump for the PowerPC architecture in Fedora. 32-bit PowerPC does still have a separate SMP kernel.