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9.4. Bluetooth

The Bluetooth feature in Fedora 9 ( has several enhancements specific to this release. The future generations of this feature are covered with greater detail at:
File sending to a Bluetooth device is now handled with the bluetooth-sendto program from the bluez-gnome package, which replaces gnome-obex-sen. Send a file in Nautilus from the Send to... function in the right-click context menu.
Pulling files from a Bluetooth device is now included in gnome-user-share , which has ObexFTP and ObexPush support built-in. Share files via SystemPreferencesInternet and NetworkPersonal File SharingShare Public files over Bluetooth (ObexFTP support), or pull files using ObexPush with PersonalFile SharingReceive files in Downloads folder over Bluetooth.
Files on the remote Bluetooth device can be viewed directly in Nautilus through GVFS, which supports Bluetooth devices. Synchronizing a Bluetooth device with a personal information manager (PIM) device is done using gnome-pilot
Browsing of Bluetooth devices is done via the right-click context menu from the Bluetooth icon on the desktop panel.