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Part I. Installing Fedora

This part of the Fedora Installation Guide details the installation process itself, starting with the steps you must take to prepare for the installation, and ending with the steps you need to take immediately after the installation finishes and your system reboots for the first time. It also includes a section about troubleshooting common problems which may appear before, during or immediately after the installation.

Table of Contents

3. Preparing for Installation
3.1. Upgrade or Install?
3.2. Downloading Boot and Installation Images
3.3. Verifying the Downloaded Image
3.3.1. Verifying checksums on Windows systems
3.3.2. Verifying checksums on Linux and OSX systems
3.4. Preparing Boot Media
4. Booting the Installation
4.1. Preparing to Boot
4.2. The Boot Menu
5. Installing Using Anaconda
5.1. Introduction to Anaconda
5.2. Consoles and Logging During the Installation
5.2.1. Accessing Consoles
5.2.2. Saving Screenshots
5.3. Installing in Text Mode
5.4. Installing in the Graphical User Interface
5.4.1. Welcome Screen and Language Selection
5.4.2. Installation Summary
5.4.3. Date & Time
5.4.4. Keyboard Layout
5.4.5. Language Support
5.4.6. Installation Source
5.4.7. Software Selection
5.4.8. Installation Destination
5.4.9. Installation Destination - Specialized & Network Disks
5.4.10. Manual Partitioning
5.4.11. Kdump
5.4.12. Network & Hostname
5.4.13. Configuration and Installation Progress
5.4.14. Root Password
5.4.15. Create User
6. After the Installation
6.1. Initial Setup
6.2. GNOME Initial Setup
6.3. Common Post-installation Tasks
7. Troubleshooting
7.1. Getting Help
7.1.1. Log Files Generated During the Installation
7.1.2. Transferring Log Files from the Installation System
7.2. Trouble Beginning the Installation
7.2.1. Problems with Booting into the Graphical Installation
7.2.2. Serial Console Not Detected
7.3. Trouble During the Installation
7.3.1. No Disks Detected
7.4. Problems After Installation
7.4.1. Resetting the Root Password
7.4.2. Are You Unable to Boot With Your RAID Card?
7.4.3. Trouble With the Graphical Boot Sequence
7.4.4. Booting into a Graphical Environment
7.4.5. No Graphical User Interface Present
7.4.6. X Server Crashing After User Logs In
7.4.7. Is Your RAM Not Being Recognized?