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8.2.2. Kickstart Boot Options

Gives the location of a Kickstart file to be used to automate the installation. Locations can be specified using any of the formats valid for inst.repo=. See Table 8.1, “Installation Sources” for valid formats.
If you only specify a device and not a path, the installation program will look for the Kickstart file in /ks.cfg on the specified device. If you use this option without specifying a device, the installation program will use the following:
In the above example, next-server is the DHCP next-server option or the IP address of the DHCP server itself, and filename is the DHCP filename option, or /kickstart/. If the given file name ends with the / character, ip-kickstart is appended. For example:
Table 8.2. Default Kickstart File Location
DHCP server address Client address Kickstart file location

Adds headers to outgoing HTTP requests with the MAC addresses of all network interfaces. For example:
X-RHN-Provisioning-MAC-0: eth0 01:23:45:67:89:ab
This can be useful when using inst.ks=http to provision systems.
Adds a header to outgoing HTTP requests. This header will contain the system's serial number, read from /sys/class/dmi/id/product_serial. The header has the following syntax:
X-System-Serial-Number: R8VA23D