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A.9. %anaconda (optional) - Additional Anaconda Configuration

This section, introduced in Fedora 22, is used to specify additional configuration options for the installer. Commands inside this section only control the behavior during installation, not on the installed system. The only command currently available inside this section is Section A.5.3, “pwpolicy (optional) - Change the Default Password Policy”. The %anaconda section must end with %end.
In interactive installations (using the graphical or text interface), the /usr/share/anaconda/interactive-defaults.ks file contains the default %anaconda section. To change the defaults, you must create a product.img file with a Kickstart file replacing the default one, and pass this file to Anaconda using a boot option.
When using a Kickstart file, you can override the default %anaconda section by using the section again in your custom Kickstart.