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A.4.2. lang (optional) - Configure Language During Installation

Sets the language to use during installation and the default language to use on the installed system.
lang language [--addsupport=]
The file /usr/share/system-config-language/locale-list provides a list of the valid language codes in the first column of each line and is part of the system-config-language package.
Certain languages (for example, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Indic languages) are not supported during text-mode installation. If you specify one of these languages with the lang command and use text mode, the installation process will continue in English, but the installed system will use your selection as its default language.
Add support for additional languages. Takes the form of comma-separated list without spaces. For example:
lang en_US --addsupport=cs_CZ,de_DE,en_UK