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A.6.9. vnc (optional) - Configure VNC Access

Allows the graphical installation to be viewed remotely via VNC. This method is usually preferred over text mode, as there are some size and language limitations in text installations. With no additional options, this command will start a VNC server on the installation system with no password and will display the details required to connect to it.
vnc [--host=hostname] [--port=port] [--password=password]
For more information about VNC installations, including instructions on how to connect to the installation system, see Chapter 11, Installing Using VNC.
Connect to a VNC viewer listening on the given hostname.
Provide a port that the remote VNC viewer process is listening on. If not provided, the VNC default (5900) will be used.
Set a password which must be provided to connect to the VNC session. This is optional, but recommended.