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3.2. Software Collection Macro Files Support

In some cases, you may need to ship macro files with your Software Collection packages. They are located in the %{?scl:%{_root_sysconfdir}}%{!?scl:%{_sysconfdir}}/rpm/ directory, which corresponds to the /etc/rpm/ directory for conventional packages. When shipping macro files, ensure that:
As another example, there may be a situation where you need to create a Software Collection mypython that depends on a Software Collection python26. The python26 Software Collection defines the %{__python2} macro as in the above sample. This macro will evaluate to /opt/provider/mypython/root/usr/bin/python2, but the python2 binary is only available in the python26 Software Collection (/opt/provider/python26/root/usr/bin/python2).
To be able to build software in the mypython Software Collection environment, ensure that:
This will redefine the %{__python2} macro only if the build subpackage from a corresponding Software Collection is present, which usually means that you want to build software for that Software Collection.