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Translation Quick Start Guide

Quick start guide to providing translations on the Fedora Project

Edition 0.8

Fedora Localization Project

Fedora Documentation Project

Manuel Ospina

Edited by

Paul W. Frields

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Noriko Mizumoto

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This guide is a fast, simple, step-by-step set of instructions for translating Fedora Project software and documents.

1. We Need Feedback!
1. Accounts and Subscriptions
1.1. Subscribing to the Mailing List
1.2. Making a SSH Key
1.3. Making a GPG Key
1.4. Applying for an Account
1.5. Signing the CLA
1.6. Introducing Yourself
1.7. Joining the cvsl10n Group
1.8. Create a Bugzilla account
1.9. Congratulations
2. Translating Software
2.1. Prepare the Directory for Download
2.2. Obtaining and Translating Projects
2.3. Committing Projects
2.4. Adding New po File
2.5. Proofreading Translations
3. Translating Documentation
3.1. Understanding the Multiple Files Structure
3.2. Creating docbook-locales File
3.3. What to Translate
4. Translating Websites
4.1. Adding New po Files
4.2. Proofreading
5. Translating Wiki Pages
5.1. Find the English Version of the Page
5.1.1. Handling Translations Without an English Version
5.2. Add the Language Template to the English Page
5.3. Create the Language Template
5.4. Add Your Language to the Template
5.5. Start the New Page
5.6. Moving Pages From the Old Translation Setup