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1.7. Joining the cvsl10n Group

  1. In the user-view page, click Join a Group located in the left side bar. If you like to do this step sometime later, your user-view page can be reached at
  2. Click C of the alphabet, it returns the list of the groups starting with 'c'.
  3. Find the group name cvsl10n in the list and click Apply.
  4. All sponsors and administrators are notified of your application. Introduce yourself by following Section 1.6, “Introducing Yourself”. Then your language sponsor offers to sponsor you. This may take between an hour and a few days. The membership notification will be emailed to you once sponsored.


The rest of the steps help you test your access and grant you privileges to all the Fedora infrastructure you might need in the near future. Language maintainers and people starting new languages should follow them. Although they are optional for translations, everyone is encouraged to follow them.