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1.3. Making a GPG Key

  1. Generate a key by typing in a command line:
    gpg --gen-key
    A series of prompts guides you through the process. The default values suffice in almost all cases. Remember to choose a good password.

    Choosing a Good Password

    A good password:
    • consists of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and other characters
    • does not include any words or names, with or without substitutions
    • is not the same as any other password used for other systems
  2. In the resulting text, find your key ID in the statement that resembles pub 1024D/1B2AFA1C. Your key ID is the 8 character word after the slash (/). In the previous example, the GPG Key ID is 1B2AFA1C. Write down your key ID.
  3. Export your public key to a public server so that others can find it with the following command, substituting your key ID:
    gpg --keyserver --send-keys GPGKEYID
  4. This GPG key ID will be used for your Fedora account creation described in Section 1.4, “Applying for an Account”.