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Chapter 2. Translating Software

2.1. Prepare the Directory for Download
2.2. Obtaining and Translating Projects
2.3. Committing Projects
2.4. Adding New po File
2.5. Proofreading Translations
The translatable part of a software package is available in one or more po files. These files may be maintained in any of a number of version control systems (VCSs) depending on the project, such as CVS, Subversion, Mercurial, and git. They may be hosted on either or other systems.
This chapter explains how to translate the projects hosted on Translators work on interface to obtaining and committing po files. Before you start, you must first prepare the directories which hold your po files.

2.1. Prepare the Directory for Download

To find which projects are translatable, visit the project list at
Before you download any files, prepare the directory to hold files. The described structure below is an example only, and your structure can be formed differently.
mkdir -p ~/myproject/