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Revision History

Revision History
Revision 1.6-1Mon May 24 2010Rüdiger Landmann
Update Ubuntu installation instructions
Revision 1.6Fri May 7 2010Rüdiger Landmann
Revise action and option nomenclature
Document print_known, print_banned, and print_unused actions
Correct and expand documentation on installing a brand
Document max_image_width and confidential_text parameters
Document Eclipse help plugin format and supporting parameters
Revision 1.5Fri Feb 26 2010Rüdiger Landmann
Document --config option
Revision 1.4Wed Feb 17 2010Jeff Fearn
remove obsolete reference to path to the DocBook catalog files. BZ#565498.
document CVS options.
Revision 1.3Mon Dec 7 2009Rüdiger Landmann
Add an FAQ entry about code highlighting errors.
Add a section about valid formats.
Update author list.
More specific installation instructions for Ubuntu; add installation instructions for Debian. BZ#542711
Metadata in the Book_Info.xml file
Revision 1.2Fri Nov 27 2009Jeff Fearn
Document lang_stats action. BZ#540696.
Revision 1.1-1Thu Nov 26 2009Jeff Fearn
Fix wrong docs for condition usage. BZ#540691
Revision 1.1Thu Oct 22 2009Rüdiger Landmann
Fix various small inconsistencies and general clean up
Revision 1.0Tue Oct 13 2009Rüdiger Landmann
Updated for Publican 1.0
Revision 0.5Thu Dec 18 2008Jeff Fearn
Added appendix on Makefile parameters
Added entry to FAQ about java heap space.
Revision 0.4Tue Nov 25 2008Brian Forté
Added "Pre-release and draft documentation" section.
Revision 0.3Fri Oct 10 2008Don Domingo
Adding "Conditional Tagging" section.
Revision 0.2Fri Sep 05 2008Brian Forté
General edits and updates related to Publican 0.36 release. Also, new section added to Chapter 3.3.
Revision 0.1.1Fri Jun 06 2008Murray McAllister
Updated Branding to note addition of oVirt and GIMP brands
Revision 0.1Fri May 16 2008Jeff Fearn
Updated FAQ
Revision 0.0Thu Dec 13 2007Murray McAllister
Initial content release