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10. File Servers

This section refers to file transfer and sharing servers. Refer to and for information on HTTP (Web) file transfer and Samba (Windows) file sharing services.

10.1. Netatalk (Macintosh Compatibility)

Fedora includes version 2 of Netatalk, a suite of software that enables Linux to interact with Macintosh systems using the AppleTalk network protocols.

Use Caution When Upgrading

You may experience data loss when upgrading from Netatalk version 1 to version 2.
Version 2 of Netatalk stores file resource forks using a different method from the previous version, and may require a different file name encoding scheme. Please read the documentation and plan your migration before upgrading. Refer to the upgrade information available directly from the Netatalk site at
The documentation is also included in the netatalk package. Refer to either /usr/share/doc/netatalk-2.0.2/doc/htmldocs/upgrade.html or /usr/share/doc/netatalk-2.0.2/doc/Netatalk-Manual.pdf (numbered page 25, document page 33).