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26. Fedora Legacy - Community Maintenance Project

The Fedora Legacy Project is a community-supported open source project to extend the lifecycle of select "maintenance mode" Red Hat Linux and Fedora Core distributions. The Fedora Legacy Project works with the Linux community to provide security and critical bug fix errata packages. This work extends the effective lifetime of older distributions in environments where frequent upgrades are not possible or desirable. For more information about the Fedora Legacy Project, refer to

Legacy Repo Included in Fedora Core 5

Fedora Core 5 ships with a software repository configuration for Fedora Legacy. This is a huge step in integrating Fedora Legacy with the Fedora Project at large and Fedora Core specifically. This repository is not enabled by default in this release.
Currently the Fedora Legacy Project maintains the following distributions and releases in maintenance mode:
The Fedora Legacy Project provides updates for these releases as long as there is community interest. When interest is not sustained further, maintenance mode ends with the second test release for the third subsequent Core release. For example, maintenance mode for Fedora Core 4, if not sustained by the community, ends with the release of Fedora Core 7 test2. This provides an effective supported lifetime (Fedora Core plus Fedora Legacy Support) of about 18 months.
The Fedora Legacy Project always needs volunteers to perform quality assurance testing on packages waiting to be published as updates. Refer to for more information. Also visit our issues list at for further information and pointers to bugs we have in the queue.
If you need help in getting started, visit the project home page on the Wiki at, or the Mentors page at If you are looking for others ways to participate in Fedora, refer to