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11. Web Servers

This section contains information on Web-related applications.

11.1. httpd

Fedora Core now includes version 2.2 of the Apache HTTP Server. This release brings a number of improvements over the 2.0 series, including:
  • greatly improved caching modules ( mod_cache, mod_disk_cache, mod_mem_cache )
  • a new structure for authentication and authorization support, replacing the security modules provided in previous versions
  • support for proxy load balancing (mod_proxy_balance)
  • large file support for 32-bit platforms (including support for serving files larger than 2GB)
  • new modules mod_dbd and mod_filter, which bring SQL database support and enhanced filtering

    Upgrading and Security Modules

    If you upgrade from a previous version of httpd, update your server configuration to use the new authentication and authorization modules. Refer to the page listed below for more details.
The following changes have been made to the default httpd configuration:
  • The mod_cern_meta and mod_asis modules are no longer loaded by default.
  • The mod_ext_filter module is now loaded by default.

    Third-party Modules

    Any third-party modules compiled for httpd 2.0 must be rebuilt for httpd 2.2.
The complete list of new features is available at
For more information on upgrading existing installations, refer to